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2024 Bridge to Beach - Saturday Results

Splashes of Success: Highlights from Day One of the Bridge to Beach Water Ski Classic

The Manning River came alive with the roar of engines and the splash of water as the much-anticipated Bridge to Beach Water Ski Classic kicked off its first day of racing. Enthusiastic teams gathered, ready to showcase their skills and determination in this thrilling event. With the sun beaming down and the river glistening, it was a perfect day for some high-octane action on the water.

The atmosphere was electric as spectators lined the riverbanks, cheering on their favorite teams and marveling at the incredible displays of athleticism and precision. From seasoned veterans to up-and-coming talents, there was no shortage of talent on display.

One of the standout moments of the day came in the under 10's racing category, where young skiers took to the water with infectious energy and enthusiasm. These pint-sized competitors may have been small in stature, but they were mighty in skill and determination. It was truly awe-inspiring to see these young athletes fearlessly tackle the course, navigating the twists and turns with confidence and finesse.

But it wasn't just the under 10's who stole the show. Throughout the day, teams of all ages and experience levels pushed themselves to the limit, showcasing their talents and pushing the boundaries in the Team Challenge Shootout.

Sat - Novice
Download PDF • 53KB

Sat - Parents & Partners
Download PDF • 99KB

Sat - Team Challenge
Download PDF • 105KB

Sat - Under 10s
Download PDF • 95KB

Sat - Vets, Disabled & Social
Download PDF • 101KB

Sunday Seeding
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