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Entries Now Open - Series Day 1

Get your entries in NOW..... Series Day 1 is scheduled for Sunday, 7th November 2021 at the Ski Grounds in Wisemans.

What better way to test new ropes, skis and crews than at a NSW Series Day. Head to the following link and get your entries in now!


If you haven't already heard, we are trialling a new format and since we are also providing free entry for the first Series Race, we would invite you to come along and give it a go!

Format for NSW Series

2021 - 2022 Series = 6 Races

We ask all members that attend Series Day 1lease provide any constructive feedback you may have. The aim of all of this is to get back to the best racing possible.

If you would like further information regarding this, please contact us.

Please direct all your entry related enquiries to

Yours in Ski Racing,

Kelly Lindsell

Vice Chairperson


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