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Are You Ready to Go Racing?

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Following feedback from you, our members, we are pleased to provide you with clarification on Memberships and the associated requirements, along with the new Series Format for the NSW Series, which starts on 7 November.

  • Memberships Are Open and the Early Bird Discount of 10% is still in play until 31 October.

  • Your membership will cover a period of 14 Months starting in November 2021 and ending in December 2022, however, racing will start at Cliftonville on 31st October, as agreed.

  • Membership Tiers that offer Choice and Affordability, where lower risk classes are rewarded with a lower cost membership. Either way, you will realise a sizeable discount on your personal and boat memberships versus last year;

  • Depending upon your chosen tier, your membership will now include –

    • 10 Classic events (previously it was 8) plus the new format Barry Beehag 100km race;

    • A second boat policy - where as long as you are not using both boats simultaneously in the same race, in the next race you can substitute your boat out for the other at no additional cost; and

  • A new ‘Tier 8’ racing format for clubs wanting to run lower cost races and to entice old and new members into the sport. This has been instrumental in the decision of Region V and Cliftonville Clubs re-affiliating with SRA.

  • SRA plan to provide a Membership Refund where Classic races are interrupted by COVID-19. This will be based on the cost of insurance at that point in time (non refundable portion) and then based on the percentage of the year/races that have been impacted. Focus will be on the Classics, as Series Days and Club events can be re-scheduled where possible.

  • SRA are still offering a Direct Debit, Pay By The Month Facility with No Additional Fees as a payment option.

Following is the link to the Membership Form:-

  • SRA is planning to release the racing calendar in the coming days.

Medical requirements
  • Membership applications can be submitted without the completed Medical Form for the purpose of getting your membership in if needed. However, you must submit a completed medical form prior to being allowed to race.

Following is the link to the Medical Form:-

Working With Children
  • Due to the current Covid restrictions, the Working With Children (WWC) check will not fall due until prior to the Southern 80.

  • Please note that if you don’t have a WWC for work, all you require is the free option.

Following is the link to the Service NSW WWC application:-

Update to CPR requirements
  • Due to the current Covid restrictions, the CPR requirements for previous SRA members will also not fall due until prior to the Southern 80.

  • If previous members are due for their CPR Course, then you will be required to refresh this certificate prior to racing at the S80.

  • For new members, who have not held a CPR certificate before, leeway may be given if you can provide evidence of having a booking to complete the course, however, you cannot compete in more than two events prior to completing their course.

  • If you have completed your practical CPR Course within the last 3 years the below applies:

    • All Members are to complete the online SRA CPR questions.

    • Members will now have until end of January 2022 to complete practical CPR Course.

    • All new members to ski racing will have to complete a practical CPR Course prior to any racing.

    • Ski Racing NSW is currently in discussions with a provider to organise our CPR Course prior to the end of 2021. Watch this space for more information to come.

Entries & Series Format
  • With the season given the green light last Friday, we are working on getting entries out for our first Series Race.

  • As was released last Friday, if you get your Memberships in before the SRA Early Bird Offer ending on 31 October, you will get Free Entry to Series Race 1 and a 50% Discount for Races 2 & 3. This offers NSW members additional benefits to those offered by SRA as noted above.

To ensure that we have a competitive Series this season, we are also pleased to announce a new Series Format for the NSW Series.

Series Format for NSW Series

NSW Water Ski Federation Requirements for use of the Ski Grounds
  • NSWWSF have advised us that they will require evidence of double vaccination for entry to the NSW Ski Grounds.

If you would like further information regarding this or have any questions, please contact us.

Yours in Ski Racing,

Kelly Lindsell

Vice Chairperson


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