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Season Update

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

The start to the Calendar Year has again been impacted by change, most notably with the move of the Southern 80 to the 13th & 15th May, 2022 thanks to Covid!

There are a number of moving parts to having a Racing Calendar that works for NSW and our Affiliated Clubs. You will have recently seen a date change for Region V and their 4th Round. NSW will continue working with Region V, Cliftonville and Country ACT to ensure that as a collective, we can offer NSW members the best Racing Calendar possible.

As a result of our ongoing collaboration with other Clubs and in the Best Interest of Ski Racing as a whole, the following NSW Events have been Postponed and will be rescheduled to later in the calendar year.

26th & 27th February – Series Event

20th March – Series Event

2nd & 3rd April – NSW / ACT Titles

Exciting News…

Hawkesbury 120 Water Ski Classic is being planned for the 26th & 27th March, 2022 with more info to follow in the coming days…

If you would like further information regarding this or have any questions, please contact us at

Yours in Ski Racing,

Kelly Lindsell

Vice Chairperson


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