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Membership Renewal information

Updated: May 18, 2020

From the CEO

Over the past several years there has been little change to the membership fee structure, in fact they have been reduced slightly in the last few seasons. This is rare in any form of sport but no doubt has been a great result for Ski Racing competitors and the board have worked hard for this result. Unfortunately, this can’t be the case for the coming season. Due to an extremely volatile insurance market that has affected the Sport and Recreation sector particularly hard, the sport now faces an unprecedented increase in this area. I can assure you, that we (the SRA Executive and myself) have searched globally for the best outcome for our sport but it has come at a cost. Firstly we want our members, to be able to compete with the same level of assurance when it comes to Personal Accident Cover and equally Member to Member liability cover. Happily, this same high-level cover is now in place for the 2019/2020 season so when competing at an SRA Sanctioned Event you know you have the same assurance that has been provided in previous seasons. We remain the only Ski Racing body in this country that has this level of cover available to its members.

Over the past few seasons there has been a modest surplus after all expenses, so this will be utilised to cover some of the increase in costs as we don’t expect our members to cover all of the rise in Insurance, however, all levels of membership have increased for the coming season.

Ski Racing Australia remains committed, as always, to find other revenue streams to lessen the burden on its members. We look forward to announcing the renewal of some of our existing partners soon and we are continually searching for new partners that can work with our supportive membership base.

I also need inform you that Skiers over the age of 18 years also will now require a medical for the coming 2019/2020 season, just as you would if you were a Driver/Observer. Finally, I thank-you for your understanding and continued participation in the ‘Ultimate Lifestyle Sport’.

Please click Membership to access Forms. Pre-populated membership renewals to be emailed Mid-July.

Yours in Ski Racing,

Cam McConville

CEO – Ski Racing Australia Inc.


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