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Season Update 2021-2022

As previously advised, the Board of Ski Racing NSW continues to meet most weeks to discuss the most up to date information regarding the restrictions before us all and when we may be able to go racing.

Depending upon changes to the border closures and based on ongoing restrictions being progressively eased with vaccination numbers on the rise, SRA are starting the season in November.

To ensure that we all are ready to go racing, we want to encourage you to get your memberships completed, dust off your gear and get your boats ready.

Membership -

Please note that SRA are offering a direct debit, pay by the month facility with no additional fees as a payment option.

If members are not in a position to pay their full membership now, SRA are happy for members to get their membership forms sent in and full payment or monthly direct debit can start when the season does if that makes things easier.

The important thing is to get completed memberships in asap.

Update to CPR Requirements -

If you have completed your practical CPR course within the last 3 years the below applies:

  • All Members are to complete the online SRA CPR questions.

  • Members will now have until end of January 2022 to complete practical CPR course and Ski Racing NSW will provide more information on this in due course.

  • All new members to ski racing will have to complete a practical CPR course prior to any racing.

Update to Medical Requirements -

Given the practical impediments to obtaining a medical under the current Covid restrictions, members can now submit their membership applications without the completed Medical Form for the purpose of getting their memberships in (if needed). However, you must submit a completed medical form prior to being allowed to race.

If you have any queries or you would like further information, please don't hesitate to contact us via email

Yours in Ski Racing,

Kelly Lindsell

Vice Chairperson


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