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Ski Racing NSW - Flood Assistance

Updated: Apr 13, 2021

Dear Members,

The Hawksbury River is the home of water ski racing in Sydney. It is the lifeblood our sport. It is also home to many ski racers, a holiday haven for even more and our favourite place to play.

Each year our sport asks the people of the Hawksbury to comply with our requests to close the river to enable us to race. The Caravan Parks, the businesses and the residents give us this opportunity and now it’s time for us to given back to them.

To provide assistance to this wonderful community, we need your help. This help can take many forms and all help is welcome.

We need equipment. We need petrol run generators, petrol run gurneys, water pumps and hoses, cleaning equipment and products. We need slabs of water and contributions of food.

Most of all we need people! People to roll up their sleeves and help remove rubbish, clean and anything else required. We also need people who can assist with picking up and dropping off people or items. People that can co-ordinate refreshments for our helpers and the people needing our assistance and people with certain skills. For those of you who are tradesmen, we need your skills. We also need people who many be able to provide accommodation for people who are travelling from afar to help.

Finally, we need financial assistance to cover the costs of petrol, equipment hire and other related requirements.

So if you, your family or your business are in a position to help the people of the Hawksbury, please contact Kelly Lindsell on 0415 917 158 or send a message to Ski Racing NSW and let us know how you can help.

Kind Regards, Ski Racing NSW


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