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Ski Racing NSW - Update (July 2021)


This will unfortunately come as no surprise to you all, but our Open Day, planned for this Sunday, 25 July has now been cancelled due to the current Lockdown requirements in NSW.

That said, getting NSW back on the water, remains the focus for the Board of Ski Racing NSW.


Last night, your Board and Committee Members met to discuss the issues we currently face as a result of the lockdown, but most importantly, to keep working on the season ahead. Whilst we can’t control what is going on around us, we will be ready to go as soon as we are allowed to race.

In the weeks since our last update, representatives from Ski Racing NSW have met regularly with the Transport for NSW (Maritime) and other relevant groups to strengthen relationships and gain the support we need to run a cracking season.

Over the past month or so, Bobbette McMillan has worked like a trojan! She has dealt with both the Hawkesbury and Hills Shire Councils, the Police Departments, Transport for NSW, the NSW Federation, River Users Group, SES, Fire & Rescue, NSW Ambulance, the Rural Fire Service, local bus companies and the Ferry Operators to try and get us back on the water.

Bobbette and Dave ‘Burger’ McMillan are busy finalising a new Risk Management Plan and Assessment, amongst many other requirements that are now necessary due to a changing Covid environment. All of this is required for Bobbette to be able to receive our Aquatic Licences and she has done a marvellous job!

Alan France and Bobbette have also been working closely with the NSW Water Ski Federation regarding a number of events, not the least of which is our support of the Bridge to Bridge, but also the possibility of Ski Racing NSW being involved in the 2022 IWWF Oceania Championships. This is only a very recent development and one which we will now carefully consider.

As a Board, we are committed to the development of our sport and we are working on a plan to not only provide for greater junior development, but we also have a vision of supporting the development of an Academy for our up and coming champions, including a mentoring program. This is an exciting opportunity that we will be placing considerable emphasis and effort on.

As for our 1st Series Day, currently scheduled for 22 August, 2021, we are unable to make a call at this stage, preferring to hear the Premier’s updates in the coming days. We will be meeting again early next week to make a call on this and will be issuing a Press Release.

If you have any queries or concerns, please don't hesitate to email

Yours in Ski Racing,

Kelly Lindsell

Vice Chairperson


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